Grips and Drop 2 & 3 Jazz Voicings

Grips and Drop 2 & 3 Jazz Voicings.


Custom Built 12 String Lap Steel Guitar

I contacted Bill Hatcher with a few different ideas I wanted a very tight geometry and string spacing for my playing style and it worked out perfectly. He designed this after a lot of changes on my part heres a little bit about it from Bill. 

” The Body is 35+ year old figured maple from Michigan..George L’s E66 pickup. the nut height/angle and the maple neck/body give it a wonderful sustain. 22 1/2in scale.

The Headstock….i inset the first two tuners about 5mm and then added an aluminium piece on the top to keep the angle of the four closest strings consistent with the others. worked out great. the tuners sit on a ledge rather than cutting the headstock down to a thin piece and mounting the tuners. i have found that there is a lot of movement in a head like that and sustain is lost. if you can pick your guitar by the tip of the head stock and see any pitch change on your tuner, then you know its losing energy there. the nut is full 1/4″ aluminium.” 

Thanks Bill 

Front Custom 12 String Lap Steel Guitar Headstock Custom 12 String Lap Steel Guitar Back Custom 12 String Lap Steel Guitar