Best Music Notation App

So I came across the most amazing music tutor app. That really is helping me to learn to read notation. Definitely 5 stars. 

For all you Lap Steel Guitar players I cannot recommend this app enough. It is awesome. 

Set it on Treble clef and test yourself. Why only treble clef because Lap Steel Guitar range is similar to that of guitar. ie written in the treble clef only. A few minutes a day and you will be improving tremendously.

Let the Lap Steel Guitar revolution continue. Peace. 


Freddie Roulette – Man of Steel

Freddie Roulette man of steel is a refreshing mix of blues, funk and folk Lap Steel Guitar. 

A classic blues Lap Steel Guitar legend and in fairness there weren’t many players from his era that would’ve used it as their main instrument of choice. So props to him for hanging in with it. 

His unique self-taught style of playing offers a different perspective at approaching our beloved instrument. 

He utilises vibrato but mostly he is known for his high to low revers strum style. A technique not often used he has made this technique his main style of playing. 

This album is definitely worth a listen as well as his other previous recordings. 

Truly a Lap Steel Guitar players collectible. 

Andy Volk - Exploring C6th
Andy Volk – Exploring C6th

Absolutely Awesome book. Covers

History, techniques, genres and lots more. This is the MOST comprehensive Lap Steel Guitar book to date and the illustrations and guides are truly awesome. Great job by Andy Volk. Keeping’ Steelin Alive.

Definitely recommend picking it up HERE.

Learning Music Notation for Lap Steel Guitar

Music Notation learning on the Lap Steel Guitar
Music Notation learning on the Lap Steel Guitar

So I am learning slowly but surely that music notation is awesome in relating how, when and what to play. Its truly a universal language for music.

HOWEVER until I get my chops up its slow reading. Which is fine for now I guess.

Using tab although fast to copy is extremely tedious to write and I am finding can limit your comprehension on the instrument. Although the person who writes the tab in one of the programs like Tabledit is subconsciously teaching him/herself to read music. Cool huh.

Besides all the best music old/calssical/jazz/modern pop is available in sheet music for the most part. AND no longer will we have to transcribe and painstakingly rewrite from programs like Band in a box or Ultimate guitar tabs etc.

So my new quest is to learn how to read and play music at sight. I am self taught so am slowly learning but have come across some absolute gems.

Andy Volk’s Lap Steel Guitar book he just published is great
Jamey Abersol Jazz sax book is awesome
and of course the Be all and end all “the ultimate Fake Jazz book”

Your thoughts or tips when tackling the daunting language of music .

Buddy Emmons. ( the big E) 1937-2015

Buddy Emmons was the best pedal steel player there was. 

So I write this on the ilapsteel blog to inform all Lap Steel Guitar players that if you didn’t know  you should check him out. 

What he was able to achieve was complete reinvention and application of the instrument. He was a pioneer in Jazz and as revolutionary to steel guitar as Wes Montgomery was to jazz guitar. 
Truly a master of his instrument and one day I would love to be able to achieve musically that level of innovative and proficient playing. 

The saddest thing is in the Jazz world he is barely known and in the music world he fell into the vicious cycle of proficient players. 
Have you heard of Buddy Emmons?

Buddy Emmons is awesome!

To where is Buddy Emmons?

Now to who is Buddy Emmons?
The more proficient a jazz musician is the more obscure he becomes if he doesn’t die a tragic death. 

Well he will truly live on in the steel players hearts whether Lap Steel Guitar or pedal steel. We will miss you.