Jazz is Dead????

Jazz is Dead
Jazz is Dead

I came across an article which bugged me. Also made me think.


in fact a quick google search and there are lots of posts on different music boards to state the publics absolute disinterest in Jazz.

Steel guitar may squeeze through thanks to Country music but Hawaiian is so dead. Tourists know that you can hear it on holiday in Hawaii.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Jazz was a stupid label anyway as I consider it music with possibilities. Yes it was not meant for non-musical minds. It was meant to communicate flexibly with your instrument. Genre -free. By the time “Free Jazz and more abstract Jazz developed”
The predictable 2-5-1 progressions were barely even used.

The audience could expect to enjoy different nances,melodies,scales,chords,voicing from one version to another.

So what happened???

Classical music survives as scores in movies as emotive. That helps re-educate the audience captivated to the TV. So it isn’t going anywhere.

So WTF happened???!!!


Here’s where we went wrong:
School budget for music gets cut (no education how can you appreciate the difference between a #9 and a b9) 😆

Music industry promote “branded” genres based on biggest investments.
Radios promote the artists record companies promote. A synergy between the two.

Jazz = dead

Any genre that doesn’t use the common 3:30 sec format won’t get considered for Radio.

Any instrumental music won’t get played.

Jazz clubs close down

Jazz is dead.


However don’t mistake my position as I am a NEW jazz fan but can’t help consider that with the freedom of the internet their will come a point in which the listener becomes more educated out of their own self – study but its re-birth will take a Long time. Even Miles knew that – Birth/Re-Birth of “the cool” aka Jazz.