“Deed I do” – Fred Rose Chords on Lap Steel Guitar


So after adding that much missing 3rd on top that enables me to do some real jazz inversions I decided I’d start with a basic chord progression to re-learn the position changes. So I tackled some chords on Lap Steel Guitar for Fred Rose’s classic – “Deed I do”

He truly was a songwriting legend.

Fretboard Stickers

So I went back and forth from adding fretboard stickers to removing them. Only to now realise how much benefit they actually offer. 

It gives me a clearer view of my fretboard and if I play something I like I can remember easier by recalling the notes. However I once thought this was a drawback as you can become reliant on the stickers but I soon realised once you have memorised scales/licks even when they were removed you can recall the notes. Awesome. 

I ordered simple coloured sticker dots off of eBay and they did the job. Really great tool for learning and I can’t recommend enough. Now back to work. 

Root, b7, 3rd

So after much tweaking and playing around I realised that the one major flaw with my previous theory tuning setup was the missing common voicing for Maj, Dom, and minor chords. 

So after many incarnations I soon realised I was missing one simple note in my tuning. The B. 

So I added a B in the setup and all of a sudden I now have all the jazz voicings to get me off and running plus strummable chords in root position as well as the missing m6th chord. 
Success. However the only drawback with that new added string is almost relearning my entire tuning. So back to the grind stone. 
Check it out. 

Stefan’s Theory Tuning

Double string playing – Step Lap Steel Guitar

StepSo I decided to get a fuller grittier tone to try double string playing when soloing. Man I need to practice it so apologies but it does add beef to your solo ideas or melody.

Rather than playing the clean note I was looking to to play the 5th and 3rd of the root. Ended up having to also incorporate the 4th as that gave it some tension. That clash if mastered can really get that gritty sound so here is a little sample of what I have as gritty test 1.

A song called Step