My Secret Lap Steel Guitar Gig Bag – Skateboard Carry Bag

Eastpak Stalefish

Eastpak Stalefish – Skateboard Carry Bag

So I decided to share my awesome secret Lap Steel Guitar carry bag. I picked this up from a bargain bucket retail store back when I was heavy into skateboarding. But it has lasted me so long since then.


  • Its padded for heavy duty travel and comfort.
  • The stitching is awesome.
  • The Bag has compression straps and padding to make even the heaviest loads manageable. While displacing the weight evenly and not putting strain on your lower back.
  • Carabiner loops to hold your keys

The compartments hold:

  • Lap Steel Guitar
  • detachable legs
  • Multi-FX floor pedal
  • adapter
  • cables
  • Compartment for tone-bar, fingerpicks, strings, string winder etc.
  • Plus a side compartment for grooming supplies
  • a mesh compartment for anything that needs to be aired out

HOWEVER this is no longer available. But you can still have a look through for other skateboard carry bags that will work. Eastpak “Stalefish” Was designed for a skateboard but caters perfectly to Any Lap Steel Guitar player’s needs.

Now my secret is out. Happy hunting.