Lap Steel Guitar – Blue Bossa Fun

Playing a few chords with the Organ patch I created on my Pedal then layering some steel fun.

Needed a fun jam to mess around with and get away from chord studies and music theory for a minute. Enjoy. Really like the progression.



Chord Extensions

So having got my head around the slick 3rd and 7ths inversions I decided to add some upper extensions.

So I added some 9th, Controversial 11ths (not #11’s) and 13ths in there to get my ears to open up.

The video below is in one take so apologies for any mistakes. Just remembering the idea. ALSO that Organ sound is my Boss ME25 (hammond Jazz patch I created) While playing the first cycle then I looped it using my pedal.

The Organ(Lap Steel Guitar ) is playing the standard root chords for the F7, Bb7, C7.

Step 1. Play the 3rd and 7th of the chords F7

Step 2 stay within a 3 fret range

Step 3 Slide down 1 fret Playing the same 2 strings you are now playing the Bb7 inverted

Step 4 Slide up 1 Fret so you are back at the F7

Step 5 Slide up 1 fret now you are playing the C7 inverted

Repeat but now add upper extensions. 9ths, 11th, 13ths as you feel

And Remember the root notes aren’t needed to play jazz. Let the bassist take care of that.







Palm Blocking – The Karate Chop

One of the Most important techniques for clean playing on Lap Steel Guitar  is an effective Palm Block/Karate Chop. (No one likes that noisy scratching  in between notes.)

Usually this involves starting off with a literal karate chop (ALL FIVE FINGERS) then when the hand is accustomed to it try only Karate chopping with just the pinky.

I recommend this technique with the Pinky extended as it covers all players needs whether 6-12 strings and more depending how long your pinky finger is.

Practice until you can play cleanly and your playing will sound better and smoother.