So what have I been Up to…

I know I haven’t posted in a while.

I have since learned to love a traditional Bullet bar and retired my tone bar.

Since my last post I have changed my Bebop Tuning 3 times and gotten rid of most of the root notes. They are overrated. Melted C6 into the tuning and accidentally ended up with two master musicians tuning  ideas. Absolute mistake but works wonderfully.

I ended up blending together Tom Morrell’s and Bill Leavitt tuning all in an E13 tuning. I must say I really enjoy it. Tunings change all the time and it seems that the masters accepted this and it was their tuning study and research that helped solidify their understanding of the instrument. Buddy, Byrd, Morrell, Mcauliffe, Anderson and many more ALL went through this stage so why not find your own path. That’s what I love but I also hate it as it truly is time consuming but the lessons learned about the instrument are invaluable.

On the Manufacturing side I have painted my guitar black with a POSCA pen. really cool and no bad fumes. It dries in seconds.  –


I also had a 12 string Lap Steel Guitar Bar custom designed by Ben Burrows, here in the UK and its really awesome.

7/8″ diameter x 3 & 3/4″ Long Bullet bar. Perfect for 10-12 string Lap Steel Guitar. Which I also did by accident found out that BJS bars also make one the same spec. LOL.

Ben’s Bars –

Nate Hofer and I have joined forces over 2 continents and are studying Mark Levine’s Jazz Theory Book and have also launched a Lap Steel Guitar Song Study Group.

So yep I have been busy. I promise I will post more regularly again. If not here I will tell you where else you can find me.