Lap Steel Guitar – Major Scale Harmonised

So after changing my tuning slightly as I missed my low G

14th Iteration. Here is a little video playing my Major scale in root and Drop 2 voicings Very Jazz indeed.



Autumn leaves Idea

Trying out different voicings, subs and Octave work. Rough Idea I need to spend some more woodshedding but getting closer to what I’m going for.

Happy Woodshedding.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Lap Steel Guitar

So I was asked some advice on E13 and remembered a piano exercise I had in a book learning melodies. Shame I quit music when I was a kid. Anyway back at it I decided to have a look at Take me Out to the Ball game.

The melody is easy to and I also remembered it watching the NY Mets play. Before Darryl Strawberry was caught cheating. Ah those were the days. Carefree.

Apologies but I need to practice this one but threw something together so you get an idea of how easy and fun it can be on E13.