E13 – reverse slants just a taste

Some of the most powerful voicing inversions for:

  1. augmented chords
  2. Dom7
  3. M7
  4. m6
  5. 6/9

and many more can ALSO be found in easily playable reverse slants. Here’s how E13 does it. Let’s look in the Key of C. Open my tuning or your equivalent E13 tuning and look for your Root note C.

Reverse slant a 3 note voicing skipping a string in between and there you go.

Can you find the Cm (C, Eb, G)

See if you can find Caug (C, E, G#)

How about its inversion a few frets higher.

Let’s try another one a little more tricky find the reverse slant for Cm6 (C,Eb, A) That’s a stretch. But that grip is the same as the Cm7 (C, Eb, Bb) or the C7 (C, E, Bb) did you find them.


Great news All the reverse slant voicing you have done can also be achieved in straight bar lower down. Whew so why learn them at all. Because Proximity on non-pedal is key.

Don’t travel too far or it’ll become a drag.


Leavitt Tuning

This tuning is so great for 3, 4, and 5 note Jazz voicing that I have it embedded in the bottom part of my tuning. However for those using 6 strings please see my Leavitt tuning section.

So here is a gift of a find of FREE Leavitt tab posted by Mike Idhe way back. Granted its an Xmas song but the theory and chordal approach is there. Enjoy!!!

Leavitt – I’ll be home for xmas