Chromatic Scale

So here is the chromatic scale in C

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 16.25.19


Triads Exercise C Major Chord Scale

So after countless hours of study. I decided to take a methodical approach and go back to basics and start from fresh. As triads are the building blocks of chords and more advanced voicings. Discovering my  E13#9/F Bebop tuning has been a challenge but is rewarding after I discover little gems for practice like this.

I have been meticulously cataloging and creating my E13#9/F Book to help me along this lonely road. With Universal thoughts on my mind – i.e. one tuning that has all I need.

So here is a snippet with Notation and TAB to give you a glimpse as to what is to come.

Triads – Major Chord Scale

Basic Music Theory – The Necessary Evil

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 13.07.12So many non-pedal and pedal steel players refer to chords as grips and string groups. Many also rely heavily on tab alone. Others pick notes out by ear.

So in my humble opinion these approaches though they offer one the basic ability to get songs done and teach you about “pockets” and licks. True freedom on the instrument can only come if you understand some basic music theory but MOST importantly get it under your BAR.

TIP: Learn the Treble Clef inside and out.

Lines for the treble clef starting below the (Middle C)

Below – main lines – Above

F, A, C,  – e, g, b, d, f,   – A, C, E



Below – main spaces – Above

G, B, D,  – f, a, c, e, – G, B, D, F


There are countless books so use them to assist you in understanding the basics. REMINDER learn it at your instrument and it will become easier.