The Learning Curve

So learning Steel Guitar is an interesting challenge with a learning curve like any other instrument.

What’s interesting is you can tune it to a chord that has at least a major chord in it and crank out a blues 1-4-5 progression in less than 10 minutes from the very first stage.

This is where most players go WRONG. Then they get stuck in a rut so everything they play is blues and before they know it that is ALL they can play. They’re technique was never focused on so they lather on the effects pedals thick and crank up the distortion. Then after that they waste years buying and selling lap steel guitars with not much knowledge about the instrument and focus on how good the timbre of the distortion sounds against they’re sloppy playing.

How do I say this. Cause THIS WAS ME at one point.

Just a quick google/YouTube search and you’ll get the jist of what I’m saying. There are tons of blues players out there that don’t play the blues because they choose to but rather play it cause that’s all they can play on their instrument.

Now I believe there are many ways to learn an instrument but nothing beats learning the language of music.

Once you start your journey don’t look for shortcuts and distorted gains. Try and play clean , slow and know what you are playing.

“Over time it’ll pay off. ” I tell myself this all the time.

So embrace the journey enjoy the steep curve and maybe one day we will meet at the top of the mountain and if we play blues it’s because we want to and not have to.

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