Those pesky 9ths in The E13 Tuning

So after lots of study and practicing voicings.

Starting to understand and build my repertoire.

Finally Discovered the fluidity and close voicings. Some great applications can be found by Master players like Buddy Emmons or Tom Morell.

In looking at the way they approach voicings they seem to love the close, quartal voicings whether Buddy is playing C6th or Tom on E13.

Those pesky 9ths really shine and start to bring it together.

Raisin the Dickens is a perfect example of how to apply those 9th’s

and also Pretty much most of Tom’s later recordings with the Timewarp Top hands man he connects it so fluidly makes you want to cry.

So for the E13 players if you aren’t grabbing those 9ths you are missing out.

Buddy even changed his C6th to have that 9th on top rather than a 5th as did Reece Anderson. – Its starting to all make sense. – Their 9th on top is the same octave as our low E13th 9th so use it.


Remember Keep Steelin’



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