#11 Etude

So I was practicing m7b5, Dim7 and #11 chord scale voicings.

Here’s a little Etude that I put together.



Practice Tips

Mastering an instrument takes time so be patient and always practice with a metronome and start off SLOW.

Tips for Practice To Remember :

  • Schedule regular practice time.
  • Use your time for practice efficiently.
  • learn your fretboard notes
  • learn how to construct chords
  • ALWAYS use a metronome
  • ALWAYS practice slowly and only increase speed once mastered at a slower tempo
  • warm up with a combination of scales and chords
  • Practice chords and their inversions in different positions
  • Practice scales up and down the neck
  • Practice a song
  • Free-Play to just improvise along your fretboard. This is important as it helps also train the ear. Be patient.
  • The information contained on this site can take a lifetime to master but most importantly Have fun.

Who Are Your Lap Steel Guitar Heroes?

The best that ever did it in my opinion. RIP.
The best that ever did it in my opinion. RIP.

Who Are Your Lap Steel Guitar Heroes? Or Inspiration?

  • Maurice Anderson
  • Billy Robinson
  • Bobbe Seymour
  • Jerry Byrd
  • Herb Remington
  • Darrick Campbell
  • Mike Neer
  • Ben Harper
  • Bill Hatcher

These are just the few that pop out of my head but I know there are many other legends that I have left off.