Practice Tips

Mastering an instrument takes time so be patient and always practice with a metronome and start off SLOW.

Tips for Practice To Remember :

  • Schedule regular practice time.
  • Use your time for practice efficiently.
  • learn your fretboard notes
  • learn how to construct chords
  • ALWAYS use a metronome
  • ALWAYS practice slowly and only increase speed once mastered at a slower tempo
  • warm up with a combination of scales and chords
  • Practice chords and their inversions in different positions
  • Practice scales up and down the neck
  • Practice a song
  • Free-Play to just improvise along your fretboard. This is important as it helps also train the ear. Be patient.
  • The information contained on this site can take a lifetime to master but most importantly Have fun.

12 String Lap Steel Guitar with Inlay

So I added some inlay style to my 12 string and I’m quite liking the finished look.

I put this Lap Steel Guitar together with the help and craftsmanship of Bill Hatcher, an absolute legend. Need to get a better camera. But fine for now.

Full view Lap Steel Guitar bridge view tone and volume side inlay stickers Pool table felt to stop slipping George l's -E66 pickup


String Height on a Lap Steel

Height off the neck 

One thing to remember – Perspective affects intonation. 

The further away the strings are the less accurate your placement will appear therefore the more adjustments with ones hand are necessary until your ear/tuner tells you your on the right notes. 

Doubt me. Think little of it. Do a simple major chord then do a forward or reverse slant. How sharp or flat do you have to place the tone bar/Steel bar to achieve the right note during your slant. 

Perspective is everything. 

Just my experience. 

1. so I set it up close enough for this to not cause a major issue. 
2. Also consider your pickup and how near/far your strings are at the bridge side above your pickup. Don’t make the angle between the nut and the bridge too steep as this is counterintuitive for efficient playing.,

My current setup is:  At the nut: 8mm is 5/16th inch. and  at the bridge: 10 mm is 3/8ths inch