#11 Etude

So I was practicing m7b5, Dim7 and #11 chord scale voicings.

Here’s a little Etude that I put together.



m6 – m7b5

So while studying chord extensions I came across many great tips so today I will discuss the m6 chord.

If we look at the m6 chord (C, Eb, G, A) we can substitute this for an Am7b5 (A, C , Eb, G) which is simply an inversion and the A moves from the treble to the bass.

So anytime you come across a m6 it can be swapped from a sub m7b5 voicing depending if it fits and vice versa. Use your ears as sometimes it affects the flow of the chord progression.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 20.44.18


Another use is during a II-V-I progression we can swap out a IIm7 with a m6 during a Major/Minor chord progression. Or also that m6 with the sub m7b5. A lot to take in but really great practice enjoy. Lap Steel Guitar forever.

How To Choose a Quality Lap Steel


WARNING this information doesn’t pander to famous/brand names or bullsh@t it is solely for lap steel enthusiasts to be aware before they buy.

It is often said buy non-lap steel players that a lap steel is a fairly simple instrument,

“just a plank and some strings, then slide away” – true some artists famous and not sound like this.

This couldn’t be further from the truth in its requirements, playability and skill level required plus music knowledge to SELF-teach.

  • Hard wood body and NECK (doesn’t matter if its bolted on or one pice just needs to be strong
  • scale length – 22.5 Best (easier for string pulls, slants and thicker string gauges)
  • # of Strings – 12 best -all the way down to 6 worst (Yes I said it. Unless you feel like playing a lot of two note melody lines with a bassist playing the root notes add more strings)
  • Tuning with relation to String tension (this can be easily changed but still must be considered)
  • String spacing for slants and playability (How close or far do you want each string to be)
  • String height off the fretboard closer to fretboard the more accurate the note will APPEAR. Perspective
  • Legs – can this be setup as a console steel for stand up or seated playing
  • Volume and tone pots near the right hand position toward the front near each other for easy access. (Although many people use a volume pedal its still a useful feature should you choose not to use one)
  • Tuning machines – are they easily replaceable or designed with a specific machine and will be damn near impossible to get hold of replacements.
  • Pickup – is it noisy and crackly or smooth and alternating cleanly from warm to clean tone when tone pot is adjusted and responsive and smooth when volume pot is adjusted.

Maybe just maybe this list will start the revolution, reach the right people and get rid of the useless 6 string rubbish on the market.

Practice Tips

Mastering an instrument takes time so be patient and always practice with a metronome and start off SLOW.

Tips for Practice To Remember :

  • Schedule regular practice time.
  • Use your time for practice efficiently.
  • learn your fretboard notes
  • learn how to construct chords
  • ALWAYS use a metronome
  • ALWAYS practice slowly and only increase speed once mastered at a slower tempo
  • warm up with a combination of scales and chords
  • Practice chords and their inversions in different positions
  • Practice scales up and down the neck
  • Practice a song
  • Free-Play to just improvise along your fretboard. This is important as it helps also train the ear. Be patient.
  • The information contained on this site can take a lifetime to master but most importantly Have fun.

Who Are Your Lap Steel Guitar Heroes?

The best that ever did it in my opinion. RIP.
The best that ever did it in my opinion. RIP.

Who Are Your Lap Steel Guitar Heroes? Or Inspiration?

  • Maurice Anderson
  • Billy Robinson
  • Bobbe Seymour
  • Jerry Byrd
  • Herb Remington
  • Darrick Campbell
  • Mike Neer
  • Ben Harper
  • Bill Hatcher

These are just the few that pop out of my head but I know there are many other legends that I have left off.

Lap Steel Guitar Stand With Adjustable Legs

Lap Steel Guitar Stand
Lap Steel Guitar Stand

Playing Lap Steel Guitar on one’s Lap Steel Guitar although looks good can cause all sorts of neck and back ache after long hours of practice. Plus playing using a stand placing your Lap Steel Guitar at an adequate height is the way forward. This reduces any causes 0f wrist, neck or back injury in the long term.

A Projector stand is a great affordable solution to place your Lap Steel Guitar on.  Portable, adjustable legs and light enough also includes carry handle and easily removable telescopic legs etc. Essentially exactly what you want.

been using one for years.

Here is the exact model I use however there may be newer versions which do the same thing.

Da-Lite Project-O-Stand Model 203