#11 Etude

So I was practicing m7b5, Dim7 and #11 chord scale voicings.

Here’s a little Etude that I put together.



m6 – m7b5

So while studying chord extensions I came across many great tips so today I will discuss the m6 chord.

If we look at the m6 chord (C, Eb, G, A) we can substitute this for an Am7b5 (A, C , Eb, G) which is simply an inversion and the A moves from the treble to the bass.

So anytime you come across a m6 it can be swapped from a sub m7b5 voicing depending if it fits and vice versa. Use your ears as sometimes it affects the flow of the chord progression.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 20.44.18


Another use is during a II-V-I progression we can swap out a IIm7 with a m6 during a Major/Minor chord progression. Or also that m6 with the sub m7b5. A lot to take in but really great practice enjoy. Lap Steel Guitar forever.