A Different Approach To Tuning

My approach, if you would indulge me for a second, is a different way at approaching the instrument.

Why can guitars have a standard accepted tuning and the Lap steel not? Why can’t we do all the chords we need on one tuning. This is what I believe Reece was after. The Universal tuning – enabling the player to carry one instrument in one tuning and play any genre of music. Jazz, Rock, etc.

Guitarist usually approach the instrument from the 6string to 1st string. Steel guitarists using a 6 string (usually with no root) approach the instrument 1st string to 6th.

Why can we just simply approach the instrument from both directions. Doing this enables one to find chordal possibilities and techniques from the Lo-Hi and vice versa. Why not?

Mike Neer is also pushing the boundaries on the instrument.

Most of us play the steel guitar on our own without band accompaniment. So being able to play Chords, Voicings and melodies should be something that we all could/should be able to do. Why not?

So coming from a guitar background, like probably most of us here, I tried to have similar musical ideas and got quickly frustrated that I couldn’t do it. So I started searching for tunings that would be similar to guitar but have the REACHABLE bar positions one needs in Steel playing.

So my Em11/(CMaj13 on 10 strings) helps me to get pretty much all the chords Needed.

GbMaj7th#5 – easy why not? Em9#5 – Sweet.

All chords have 3 or more notes involved. Please feel free to ask questions etc. I’m more than happy to answer.