The Bebop Tuning Fretboard Layout


14th Iteration Update:


So its an E13#9/F tuning

Bilal’s Bebop Tuning has all the inversions and feel and sounds used in Bebop. But it takes some work to practice the Grips, string skips and scales

It Utilises  Bill Leavitt, and Tom Morrell’s E13  plus its similar to Pedal Steel E9 So it is a Combination tuning.

Plus my low G which adds all those beautiful root M7 drop 2 inversions and m9 chords.

If or maybe when I build a 13 string model the low E 13th string would give me root position  dom7 chords (not necessary but would complete it.)

So now I have to relearn but am extremely satisfied with its capability.


7 thoughts on “The Bebop Tuning Fretboard Layout

  1. I’ve got a 7-string National New Yorker. Could you recommend an extraction from your layout? At quick impression I think I’d start with the 8th string and omit the next F#, so ascending it’d read E, G#, B, C#, E, F#, G# (key of E sharps) or in your notation E, Ab, B, Db, E, F#, Ab. Ah, but then there’s no 7th (D) anywhere.

    Oh, and I’ve got an 8-string Dynaco too, that’d permit one extra string beyond the 7 on the National and would let me put that D on the bottom.

    Suggestions for each? Thanks.

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